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  • Will I still be eligible if I submit something I have made and sold?

    Those whose main occupation is manufacturing or selling and who make a living from it are not eligible. All others are considered amateurs and are eligible to apply.

  • Can I withdraw my entry?

    Yes, you can. You can withdraw without contacting us, but we would appreciate your letting us know.

  • Can I withdraw if I find it difficult to produce my work after passing the preliminaries?

    In principle, you cannot withdraw your entry after applying for the preliminary selection process, but if this is unavoidable, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • I have concerns about producing my work, but can I still enter?

    The applicant must produce the work, but professional advice on sewing and patternmaking is offered as part of your business experience. So, even if you have concerns, the advice can help to address them.

  • What does the business experience involve, and is participation essential?

    It includes professional business advice, support for making your piece of work, and advice on creating a PR strategy for the final judging. Participation is compulsory in principle.